Chin,ono Describes Mai TT As A Drama Queen

Award winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has slammed Zimbabweans for going to see socialite Mai Titi’s Facebook live broadcast, describing her as the “drama Queen”.

Over 17 000 Facebook users came in yesterday night to witness radio broadcaster Olla 7 interview Mai Titi on Star FM’s Facebook page.

Seeing these figures in comparison to the poor voter registration participation recorded in recent months, Chin’ono went on a tirade condemning Zimbabweans for paying too much attention.

He said, “Hospitals have no medication, schools have no books, 95% of Zimbabwe’s potential work force is out of work, the whole country has NO radiotherapy or heart bypass machine, there is little voter registration, yet 14,200 Zimbabweans are currently listening to a Facebook drama Queen.

“They are useless, absolutely useless!

“Regai ZANUPF iti ine mafuza ayo!

In response to Chin’ono’s remarks, the majority of his followers felt that the country deserved to be where it is since the majority is not yet ready to transfer focus to nation-building or day-to-day difficulties.

Below are the reactions from social media users.

Tavimba Quince Donsa Nkomo

Something which puzzled my heart mkoma Hopewell munhu wemurume ari normal ane mhuri kuita top fan yamai T diaries unobva wazorora soo senyika hakuna kwatiri kuenda
Jon Mopao

Hehehe, we get the leaders we deserve and Zimbabwe is where it is because that’s what Zimbabweans deserve. The majority don’t care about social services, functioning utilities or even common decency. We shall remain a shithole of a place for many a decade to come.
Ras Nenya

The priorities of the majority of the Zimbos are completely misplaced. It’s really sickening that one has to keep begging people to register to vote to decide their own future, what a shame!
Ngoni Danzwa

They have not suffered enough, however, we shall fix this country with those who want to fix it. 2023 Zanu PF is going no matter what! Not even Mai TT’s drama can make the majority lose focus.
It is not the first time Chin’ono has blasted youths for being “unfocused”.

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