We Don’t Fund Zim Political Parties Says Britain

The United Kingdom has distanced itself from reports which said it funds political parties in Zimbabwe, insisting it has no view on who should win the 2023 general elections.

The British Embassy in Harare on Wednesday released a statement stating its position on the matter.

It also called for an environment that allows all political parties to campaign freely and peacefully, without violence and intimidation.

Reads the statement below:

“The UK does not support or fund any political party in Zimbabwe. We have no view on who should win next year’s elections; that is for Zimbabwean voters to decide. We talk to the Government and to all political parties.

“Zimbabwe’s constitution provides for an election process where all political parties are allowed to campaign freely and peacefully, without violence and intimidation, and where voters can vote for the party and the candidates of their choice, without fear of reprisals.

“Fulfilling these conditions will allow Zimbabweans to have full confidence in their electoral process.”

Britain’s response comes after rumors that foreign countries like the US and Britain are providing funds to opposition parties to foster the regime change agenda.

However, in Zimbabwe, the Political Parties (Finances) Act [Chapter 2:11] of 2001 prohibits foreign donations to political parties or individual candidates.

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