Furious Shinsoman Sends A Stern Warning To T Freddy

Zimdancehall chanter Shinsoman, born Tinashe Romeo Anthony, has warned self-proclaimed prophet and gospel musician T Freddy to abstain from using his songs at church services without his permission.

Shinsoman said this responding to a video trending on various social media platforms that shows T Freddy and his congregation dancing to Shinsoman’s song, “Hativasiye Vane Nyota” during a church service.

He said, “I am not happy at all. T Freddy, who is a musician himself, is supposed to know and respect copyright laws.

“He should have approached me and done what was supposed to be done.

“I nearly took legal action against him for using my song without my permission. He should have paid for using that track.

“I then contacted him and we made peace. I forgave him and decided against suing him.

“This should serve as a stern warning to those who are not respecting copyright laws.

“I don’t want anyone to use my songs without my permission.

“Next time, I will not be as forgiving as I did with T Freddy.”

According to The Sunday Mail, this is not the first time that local musicians have clashed over the use of songs without permission.

Gospel musician Charles Charamba, at one time, was furious after “King Shaddy” used some lyrics from his hit song “Machira Chete” without permission.

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