Zanu Pf Affiliated Lobby Group Castigates Winky D’s Latest Album

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Zimbabwe’s economic lobby group, Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) which is allegedly affiliated to Zanu PF has rebuked sensational Zimdancehall musician Winky D’s latest album, which was recently launched in Harare at the Harare International Conference Centre {HICC} on December 31.

The album, which goes by the name Eureka Eureka, was much anticipated and heavily publicised at the time of its release.

In the album, the Ninja President [Winky D} real name Wallace Chirumiko featured talented local music artists like Killer T, Holy Ten, Nutty O and Herman, to mention but a few.

Meanwhile, three days have passed after the album was launched, and mixed feelings on social media have resurfaced.

Some fans are pointing out positives, but others have vowed the album is politically motivated to advocate for the regime change agenda.

Economic Empowerment Group (EEG) which was launched last year, and has young businessmen, has found the album political.

The Economic Lobby Group, which some of its founders are members of the Zanu PF party, like businessmen, Mr. Scott Sakupwanya, Mike Chimombe, legislator Munyaradzi Kashambe and Mr. Bheki Moyo today, addressed the media in Harare, and the Secretary General of the lobby group, Mr. Clifford Hlupeko, said Winky D should open up if he wants to be a politician, rather than singing political songs to destabilize the country whilst threatening the authorities.

Hlupeko also said Winky D’s fans welcomed the album because they are working tirelessly with the enemy.

He said the meaning of most Winky D’s songs in his recent album is meant to persuade Zimbabweans to revolt against the government.

“The people who are enjoying this album are the same people who I am saying are working tirelessly with the enemy of the country, and obviously, as you are aware, those notable characters from opposition leaders and activists.

The album is not just a project for songs, this is a clear regime change agenda, it’s a message that is being sent to the electorate that you need to revolt against your government, clearly written,” he said.

Despite hash criticism from the ruling party affiliated groups, Wink D is not the only artist to sing political songs. Simon Chimbetu, Thomas Mapfumo and other well known artists like Hosiah Chipanga have sung sensational songs related to politics.

However, reports claim that foreign based Zimbabwean music legend Thomas Mapfumo was forced to flee out of Zimbabwe because of singing political songs, which were against the Zanu Pf, then led by the late Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.




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