You Sell Yourself To Political Parties, Your End Is Near Says Mliswa

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Outspoken Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has castigated musicians aligned to political parties, insisting that musicians must sing to praise the masses, not politicians.

He sensationally praised Zimdancehall chanter Winky D’s latest album Eureka Eureka, urging him to remain strong and ignore hash criticism from Zanu Pf sympathizers.

Posting on his Twitter handle, Mliswa said, “these other younger singers should learn from Winky D and understand that,as fish, their water are the masses not political parties.You sell yourself to political parties, your end is very much near.Zivai varungu venyu!”

“To @winkyonline I say that you have shown that muri chibaba chemusic. I say to you Famba Winky Famba! I’m an Amapiano person but I make an exception on you. You have a gift from God. You are deep and above the rest.Ignore zvikomana izvi when they go low, go high.”

Mliswa’s comments come after Winky D has been a subject of criticism from Zanu PF supporters and leaders since the release of his latest album.

Meanwhile, Zanu PF’s secretary for youth affairs, Tinomuda Machakaire, has made a major climb down on his criticism against Zimdancehall kingpin, Winky D, urging fellow critics “not to fight the musician.”

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