Inter Africa Bus Driver Bashed And Kidnapped For Bedding Married Woman

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested two men from Epworth on allegations of kidnapping an Inter Africa bus driver after accusing him of an adulterous affair with a married woman.

Allegations are that on the 16th of September at around 9PM, the unnamed suspects hatched a plan to trap the victim, after they suspected that he was having an adulterous affair with Revai Zhomwe, who is the wife of one of the suspects.

It’s alleged that Revai Zhomwe sent a text message to the Inter Africa bus driver, inviting him to her homestead for a sleep over.

The message was reportedly intercepted by her husband, who in the company of his friend (name also not given), decided to trail Zhomwe to Mbare Bus Terminus where she was meant to meet her lover the bus driver.

She is alleged yo have called him on the phone, signalling that she had arrived and soon as her alleged lover stepped out of the bus to welcome her, her husband and his friend who were standing a distance from the two lovebirds then pounced, allegedly punching the victim in the face before dragging him to a their car.

The suspects are alleged to have bundled the love struck bus driver into the car before driving off to Epworth where they allegedly detained him.

The suspects allegedly demanded US$500 from the victim, to secure his freedom.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Provincial (ZRP) spokesperson for Harare, Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident.

“On the 16th of September 2023 at around 2100 hours, the complainant was in Inter Africa bus which was parked at Mutare Rank. The complainant received a text message from Revai ZHOMWE NR unknown, aged 36 of number 1742 Delpot road Epworth, contactable on 0779 537 893 and she is wife to second accused person. Revai ZHOMWE was inviting the complainant to her place of residence for a sleep over.

“The complainant did not go but instead he invited Revai ZHOMWE to come to Mutare rank, Mbare.  After about twenty minutes, the complainant received a call from Revai ZHOMWE telling him that she was standing outside bus. Complainant opened the door and saw Revai ZHOMWE standing outside the bus.

“The first accused person was standing a distance away, ran towards the complainant and punched him once on the face with a fist accusing him of having an extra marital affair with the second accused person’s wife. The second accused person appeared and assisted the first accused person to drag the complainant from the bus towards OK Mbare carpark where they bundled him into their vehicle, a Toyota Speed registration number AGB 4049.

“The accused persons drove away with the complainant to Epworth. The second accused person demanded US$500 from the complainant to buy his freedom. The accused persons held complainant hostage at the second accused person’s house. On  the 17th of September 2023 at around 1300 hours a report was made by the informant Callme MAGEZA NR 27-0916686 S 27 aged 53 years, contactable on 0772 669 243, who is a workmate to the complainant.

“The informant together with ZRP Mbare Police officers proceeded to the second accused person’s address where they found the complainant detained. The police officers arrested the two accused persons and rescued the complainant. The accused persons are detained at ZRP Mbare,” reads the docket.

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