Belvedere Granny Loses USD4000 To Robbers

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A 72 year old woman from Belvedere suburb allegedly lost USD4000 to robbers who broke into her house in the wee hours of the morning on the 16th of September.

According to a report made to the police, Bhika Razhia retired to bed after locking the doors and windows of her house last week on Friday, but was awakened footsteps inside her house at around 4AM.

Razhia reportedly woke up and went to check on what was happening, and suddenly two unidentified men allegedly attacked her, grabbing her by the neck and demanding cash.

Gripped with fear, Razhia allegedly gave the two assailants her house keys.

The suspects are alleged to have ransacked the house and stole USD4000 before disappearing into the night.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Harare provincial spokesperson Luckmore Chakanza confirmed the incident and said investigations are underway.

“On 15 September 2023, at around 1900 hours, at the place of occurrence, the complainant retired to bed after locking all doors and closing all windows. At around 0400 hours on 16 September 2023 she was awakened by some footsteps in her house. She was suddenly grabbed by the neck by one of the accused persons whilst the other accused persons demanded all her belongings.

“The complainant then gave them keys for the whole house. They started searching all the drawers in the house, took cash USD$4000-00 and ran out of the house. The complainant later shouted for help and discovered that the accused persons used a duplicate key and gained entry into the house. The total value stolen is USD$4000-00 and nothing was recovered,” said Chakanza.

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