“Zanu-PF Faction Behind Hopewell Chin’ono’s arrest”

FORMER education minister in the inclusive government and now MDC Alliance Treasurer-General, David Coltart has revealed that a faction within the Zanu PF led government is behind the seizure of firebrand journalist Hopewell Chin’ono by police officers this morning at his Chisipite home.

Hopewell was arrested this morning at his house with no formal charges laid other than an accusation of inciting the famous July 31 demonstration.

“I’ve just been informed by a reliable source that Hopewell is safe & that this is being done by one faction of the government, but it’s an action not supported by others in authority. No prizes for guessing which part of the regime is hurt by his revelations,” said Coltart.


With Hopewell being detained at Law And Order Section at Harare Central Police, his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa said, “No charges yet other than that they said he’s been inciting people on social media to demonstrate on July 31.”

Hopewell was arrested in an abduction style alongside Transform Zimbabwe President and organizer of the 31 July mass protests Jacob Ngarivhume, and Promise Mkwananzi, a political activist of Tajamuka/Sesijikile fame.

Prominent playwright Tsitsi Dangarembga says that she is being hunted by Police for instigating the people for the July 31 protests.

In a statement that upset Zimbabweans on Twitter, demanding Hopewell’s release; Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Ministry Secretary Nick Mangwana said, “anyone suspected to have committed a crime should be subjected to due process.”

“There is no profession which is above the law. -Journalists are not above the law. -Lawyers are not above the law -Doctors and nurses are not above the law. -Politicians & bankers are not above the law,” he tweeted.


More Zimbabweans continue to express outrage at the arrest and perceive it as a way of punishing Chin’ono for his devastating investigative journalism through which he has exposed massive corruption in government over it’s handling of public finances meant for fighting the covid 19 pandemic, in what is now infamously called #Covidgate.

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