Commuters React To Zupco Fares Hike

Harare Commuters have reacted to the Zupco Fares that were hiked this week saying the figures are not tallying with the amounts hence they will end up paying more.

The Zupco bus fare have been increased to $8 whereas the Kombis are now going for $16. Due to the uncertainty of the currency where $2 notes are being rejected, residence are crying foul that they will end up paying $10 in a bus and $20 in a kombi due to lack of change.

In an interview with In The News online, one commuter by the name Tindo said Zupco should at least try to increase the fares in a round figure to avoid confusion.

“Haa zupco should just say 10 dollars or 20 dollars because even if you board a bus they might just tell you that they have no change and that will be my loss.

“And even if they give me the $2 change i wont do anything with it outside the Zupco.” He said.

Meanwhile, other commuters are complaining that the Zupco fares shouldn’t have been increased in the first place as they have now become expensive for the ordinary citizens.

We talked to one gogo Chisadza who said she can no longer afford to go to town anymore because she can not afford the new fares.

“I used to serve up $10 to and from town but now i have to save $20? That’s a lot.” She said.

Zupco had become a refuge for commuters for over a year now due to their cheaper fares compared to other means of transportation however there have been complains that the buses and kombis are not enough and people are queuing up for long hours getting late for their destinations.

Moreover in this corona virus pandemic, Zupco buses no longer maintain social distancing since they will be targeting to carry as much people as possible so as to minimize the long queues. This will only spread the corona virus more in the country. The way forward is to provide more Zupco transportation.


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