Man Making Reusable Sanitary Pads For UnderPrivileged Girls

A Harare man, Kudzai Mhangwa 23 has started an initiative called ‘Flowers Touch’ where he make reusable sanitary pads for underprivileged girls using old t-shirts, trousers and towels.

In an interview with 263 Times, Mhangwa said he started this initiative during this lockdown so as to help girls who cannot afford to buy pads that are now too expensive.

“I started Flowers Touch a few months ago when lockdown was extended. I had heard a broadcast about mensural health and how under privileged girls were finding it hard to access pads cause of how expensive they are. So I read about reusable pads online.” He said.

Mhangwa said he is also an advocate for women rights as he works in a gender equality department.

“I also work in gender equality and speaking out for women so I decided to play a tangible part in doing it.” He said.

Furthermore, Kudzai Mhangwa so far has made 45  reusable pads which he donated to charity.

“So far I’ve made 45 pads from materials around the house and donates to my friends’ charities.”

However, Mhangwa said the pads needs to be washed thoroughly and regularly.


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