Zimbabweans React To Sanctions Law

Zimbabweans have reacted to the sanctions law that was approved yesterday by the Cabinet which punishes Zimbabweans outside and inside the country who campaign for the continued imposition of sanctions with intent to harm the nation.

The proposed law which will soon be tabled before Parliament states that unauthorized communication with foreign governments and protests from Zimbabweans will be a criminal offense.

“It was noted that the current law does not criminalise the unauthorized communication or negotiation by private citizens with foreign governments. Such communication or negotiation has a direct or indirect implication on Zimbabwe’s foreign relations and policy.” The Ministry of Information said.

However Zimbabweans have not approved to the new law and they have taken to twitter to show their disapproval.

“Our rights are not there because the law allows for them, there are there because we are human beings deserving of these rights & dignity. You can amend all you want but we will resist your regime & win back our country!”  said DR R Maisiri.

“What government in any country will listen to private citizens of another country without any credence? This law seems very ambiguous in reference. What is criminal is corruption , looting, human rights abuses the very things that bedevil our country and impoverishes citizens” said Kudzai, dimplessimples.

“Indirectly you are calling for more sanctions. Surprisingly if a foreign gvt passes its law against you, you scream interference. We will see who gonna win this battle.” said Muronzva Lameck

“We should maybe rid ourselves now, the plan is to create a juggernaut tht ll crush any form of opposition, to create a state of Yes-men,I dont think as Zimbabweans we won’t allow you to do something so detrimental to our country,” said Chief Marombora.

“It’s like there is some unknown force somewhere that is helping you to self-destruct. Who in their right mind criminalises reporting an abduction? Saka mavictims oita sei? Pamuchamuka maZimba ave mustreet u will realize u caused it nekuda kuita brutal when it’s not necessary” said Magumbo Lion Queen.

“How about you showing national interest by protecting our natural resources, minerals, fauna and flora, stop giving away land to foreigners, arrest all the looters and thieves that are in govt? Otherwise its just repression of the masses all over again. When will you serve Zim?”  said Thandie Nonto.

“Surely seriously? To criminalise people who are abducted. So when they come to report to the police, instead of police investigating, you arrest the victim. This is unbelievable.”  said Jacob Muvirimi.

The proposed law comes as Zanu PF commemorated the Sadc-initiated Anti-Sanctions Day last Sunday, which was aimed at removing the sanctions that were initiated by the western countries on Zimbabwe for two decades now.



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