Chitungwiza Hospital To Conduct Pauper’s Burial

Chitungwiza Hospital says it will conduct a pauper’s burial for the 31 unclaimed bodies from its mortuary.

In a public notice, the Chitungwiza Hospital said relatives of the deceased should visit the hospital and claim their relatives for a proper burial.

”The Hospital is requesting relatives or members of the public of the dearly deceased persons to come forward and claim the bodies and give them decent burial,” the hospital said.

Chitungwiza General Hospital’s mortuary is overflowing with unclaimed bodies of people of different ages, people from old people’s home, destitutes, accident and murder victims.

Some bodies have been identified and they include Michael Rusike ,60, a 74 years old Kapunhumberi Mudiwanesu, JojiĀ  Chandiwana, 46,Victor Marapura, 55, Elijah Mvuri, 43years old Charles Kalima, Smart Mukungwa, Francis and Georgina Chawanda.

The identity of about 20 bodies is still unknown.




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