President Sends Condolence Message To Biggie Matiza

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has sent a condolence message to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development, Biggie Matiza who lost his mother, Ambuya Joyce Matiza who died on Sunday night.

In a statement, President Mnangagwa said losing a parent no matter how old one is, isĀ  always painful and he urged Minister Matiza to remain strong as he mourn his mother.

“The loss of a mother, no matter at what age, leaves a deep void that remains etched deep down in our hearts and creating an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss in all of us, and to you in particular.

“Mothers make a lasting imprint on our lives from cradle to grave for which we should ever be grateful. Thus as you mourn your special mother, i urge you to remain strong and focused cherishing all the precious times you shared with her.

“On behalf of ZANU PF, Government, Cabinet, my family and myself pleaseĀ  accept my heartfelt condolences to you and to the rest of the Matiza family on the loss of a beloved mother and great matriarch. We join hands with you to say goodbye to a wonderful woman so very loved and admired by everyone who knew her.” He said.

Minister Biggie Matiza is also ZANU PF Chairman for Mashonaland East Province.


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