ZRP Urges Safety During This Rainy Season

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has urged the nation to be cautious and ensure safety so as to protect lives this rainy season.

In a statement, ZRP said, “As the nation eagerly awaits the pending rains and possibly thunderstorms as predicted by weather experts, the Zimbabwe Republic Police appeals to members of the public to be safety and security conscious in order to safeguard lives and protect property in the process.”

ZRP discouraged drivers from crossing flooded rivers and urged parents to always watch their kids during the rainy season.

“Police discourages drivers from attempting to cross flooded rivers as they risk being swept away by heavy water tides. Parents and guardians should also monitor their children whenever they play near water bodies to avoid imminent danger of drowning.” The statement read.

The Meteorological Department predicted heavy rains, storms with lighting this week in most parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the police urged motorist to avoid speeding when it is raining and to observe traffic laws regulations.

“We implore all motorist to observe all traffic laws and regulations as they travel to different destinations, speeding when it is raining is dangerous as roads are slippery and visibility is poor.

“School children should not cross flooded rivers, bridges or tamper with trenches in urban and rural setups. People should not take shelter under trees or other objects during the rainy period.”  The statement further read.

Heavy rains were predicted this rainy season with possible flooding in most parts of the country.

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