Police Bashed Over Kwekwe High School Incident

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has been criticised for their response to the video that circulated last week on social media about a certain police woman who was captured slapping kids at Kwekwe High School.

In the video, the police woman is seen slapping kids who were not wearing face masks at Kwekwe High School while her male colleague watched.

The incident happened at Kwekwe High School where the police officers had gone to conduct an awareness campaign on 3rd December 2020.”

ZRP however issued a press statement over the weekend saying they do not condone such conduct during awareness campaigns.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police does not condone such conduct during awareness campaigns and investigations are underway to verify the facts with the Kwekwe District Command and Midlands Province. If confirmed, appropriate action will be taken against the member.” The statement read in part.

In closer speculation, the statement simply means, if it wasn’t an awareness campaign, the police are allowed to go around slapping school kids.

Political activist, Alex T Magaisa on his twitter handle said this was poor communication by the ZRP.

“The ZRP says it “does not condone such conduct during awareness campaigns” referring to the assault of students by a police officer at a secondary school. This is poor communication. Is such conduct condoned if it’s not “during awareness campaigns”? Magaisa tweeted. 




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