Women’s Month Celebrated In Style

Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation has today celebrated Women’s month in style by marching in the high density suburb of Chitungwiza.

Female Cabinet Ministers, Female Permanent Secretaries, women in sport as well as those leading various institutions and departments in the country marched from the Aquatic Complex to Town Centre celebrating women’s month.

Member of Parliament, Honorable Eliza Masuku thanked the President for allowing women to celebrate the women’s month in style. She said they are challenging women and girls to be courageous.

”Today is a beautiful day, all thanks to our President Emmerson Mnangagwa for allowing this event, they are some challenges that women and girls face but I urge them to fear not as we celebrate the women’s month in style and I believe this event will motivate all the women and girls that failed to participate in the march.” She said.

Hon Eliza encouraged women and girls to work for themselves and be able to stand for themselves.

She also added that men should emulate President Mnangagwa for respecting women.

”Men should respect women at different positions even the President respects women, we thank him for giving us a female Minister in Sports.” She said.

Meanwhile, our reporter spoke with the Director and CEO of HAMPACK, Mrs Runesu who said women leaders are going much ahead of men because of the progress they are achieving.

She said, the reason why women were behind is by having dreams but being unable to fulfill them.

”Some women have dreams and fail to fulfill them because of fear, but I am encouraging women to just start something because girls and women were born loaded with responsibilities.” She said.

She also shared how she managed to have her own company by having a dream, an idea and being able to develop through prayer and being focused.


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