Harare Poly Student Suspended For Hugging Colleague

A Harare Polytechnic student, Yolanda Musithu has been suspended for hugging a colleague by the name Blessing Pasipanodya, with the college siting violations to Covid-19 regulations.

Yolanda and Blessing were caught hugging each other by the Principal which led to Musithu’s suspension.

Musithu who is studying a Diploma In Office Management was accused of violating the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health and Child Care COVID-19 prevention measures. A letter written to Musithu by college authorities read:

“You Yolanda Musithu C a student at Harare Polytechnic doing National Diploma in Office Management violated WHO, Government and Harare Polytechnic Covid-19 regulations. You were caught by the principal on 22 March 2021 hugging Blessing Pasipanodya at ND DDT student. This was in Direct violation of the WHO, Government and institutional standing Covid-19 regulations.

“According to s1 s1 of 1999 chp 28:02 [1]  [1]  the Principal may permanently or temporarily remove or expel any student from the premises of a teachers college or technical or vocational institution if in the opinion of the principal.” Reads the letter.

Although WHO and the government have not banned hugging, health authorities encourage social distancing to minimize the transmission of the coronavirus from one person to another.

Social distancing refers to measures taken to increase the physical space between people and to slow the spread of the virus.

Some of the Covid-19 preventive measures include staying at home, catching up with loved ones online instead of in person, strictly limiting the number public gatherings at weddings and funeral.



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