Thandiwe Newton Advocates For Zimbabwe Human Rights

United Kingdom based Zimbabwean actress, Melanie Thandiwe Newton Parker has joined the campaign to end human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

The 47 year old took to social media to question human rights violations especially for politicians in Zimbabwe.

“For any people who distrust the truth of Joana Mamombe’s abuse, please know there are doctor’s reports which prove her horrific experience beyond a shadow of a doubt. The question we should be asking is WHO WERE THE PERPETRATORS? @MercyforMamombe.” Newton posted on twitter.

Thandiwe Newton stared on films such as WestworldRogue and The Pursuit of Happyness.

Newton, who launched her career in 1991, debuting in the film Flirting and alleges to be a victim of sexual abuse, has also taken to Instagram to expose human rights abuses in the country.

“I am not an expert in politics. I am a human rights activist. I regard myself as a member of the Zimbabwean diaspora. Over the last months, in the media, I have witnessed gross abuses of human rights in Zimbabwe. A schoolgirl was struck across the face by a police officer because she did not have a mask to wear,” she said.

“Award-winning Zimbabwean journalists and writers arrested multiple times for reporting on what they have witnessed, while a woman is killed in a hit-and-run by a drunk police officer. Three women, Joanah (Mamombe), Cecilia (Chimbiri) and Netsai (Marova), who in May 2020 were abducted while peacefully protesting inadequate care of the poor during COVID-19, were found two days later by the side of a road, traumatised and injured. They had been tortured (including sexual violence, and forced to drink each other’s urine). They are now in prison for allegedly ‘lying’ about their torture.  They have been there nearly two months, and Joanah is seriously ill.” She said.

Newton also called upon Zimbabweans in the diaspora to support victims of State-sanctioned rights abuses.

Thandiwe Newton has in the past opened up about systemic racism and sexual abuse in the film industry.



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