Minister Ndhlovu Promotes Healthy Wildlife Environment

Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry has today hosted the stakeholder’s meeting on the Review of the Parks and Wildlife Act.

The Minister of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Hon Nqobizitha Mangaliso Ndhlovu said the country is known for it’s wildlife conservative success.

”Zimbabwe is known for its conservation success and the reveal of the laws that govern wildlife management should ensure that the act meet the needs of the society.” He said.

He added that offenders of wildlife laws should be convicted.

In his address the Minister said there was  need to craft a piece of progressive legislation, which will contribute to a vibrant economy.

“Given the pressures being exerted onto the environment by natural and human forces, there is also growing consciousness over animal rights and healthy wildlife environment for future generations. These are being escalated by concerns over poaching, rise in human-animal conflict and the adverse impact of climate change on wildlife habitats.

”Legislation speaks to the economic development needs of the country and is aligned to international best practice.” He said.

He also added on the need for people to stop mining in park areas as well as smuggling.

”Mining in Park areas is against our laws and the government has recently announced the need to stop that as well as the eradication of poaching and other wildlife crimes like smuggling.” He said.

The minister outlined the key legislative review aspects that should guide the deliberations with the need to align the Parks and Wildlife Act with the Constitution as well as attending to some basic corporate governance coming out tops in the exercise.

He requested the legislation to address issues like education for the community to avoid veld fires and protecting the society.

”Legislation should help in encouraging the citizens to have vibrant progress in the country.” He said.





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