GMB Identifies Grain Collection Points

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has identified 1 349 grain collection points, with traditional leaders now working with the board and Agritex to identify more.

The GMB published the names of the collection points on Sunday for easy access by farmers.

GMB chief executive, Mr Rockie Mutenha said they were targeting to establish 1 800 collection points across the country.

It had by April secured 665 buying points from Cottco. These are set to become a one-stop shop for both cotton and maize deliveries.

“We have also secured space to accommodate 65 000 tonnes of grain from private companies either in the form of sheds or silos,” said Mr Mutenha.

Farmers are encouraged to ensure that they bring grain with the correct moisture level, at 12,5 percent.

Maize is a controlled product that should only be sold the GMB or contractor.

Side-marketing has long been banned for maize, and this ban has now been extended to soya beans and cotton.

GMB is the national granary with a mandate to receive, store and distribute grain to millers, the Department of Social Welfare or export on behalf of Government.

It operates 87 depots throughout the country and is represented in every district.

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