Digitalisation An Enabler For Cultural Expression

The Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation has partnered with Afrotopia in celebrating this year’s culture work running under the theme,” Resilience in safeguarding creativity and cultural diversity.”

Director of Culture Fund, Mr Farai Mupfumira said digital story telling is a technical part of our culture and it enables people to understand who they are as Zimbabweans.

”Through Digitalisation human beings can interact and present what they have to focus on as people.” Mr Mupfumira said during a panel discussion held in Harare today.

He said through digitalisation, data can be saved and documented for history.

Meanwhile, Miss Farai Ncube a representative of the British Council said digitalisation helps in keeping documentation for the future generation.

”Through digitalisation people can be able to show their own narratives and perceive it and it gives us a platform as a people to discuss who we are and the great advantage is through it we can document information for future purposes unlike ngano dzataiudzwa kumusha l can even remember them to tell others but with digitalisation one can always refer.” She said.

However, Mr Mupfumira argued that technology is made at a cost so digitalisation sometimes contradicts the Zimbabwean culture.

”Initially if its expensive its going to limit people behind, when you leave a lot of people behind there is a danger that other people’s culture will be left behind,” Mr Mupfumira said.

Zimbabweans were further urged to be true to themselves allowing digitalisation to be a great enabler in their way of doing things.


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