Dead Husband Demands Sex From The Grave

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Female members of a Chimanimani family have for the past few years been deterred from being intimate with their husbands by an avenging spirit that claims to have been sex-starved while still alive.

The development has left most of the Mahlupeko sisters in broken marriages. The family appeared before Chief Ndima’s court on Sunday where it was revealed that the private parts of the Mahlupeko sisters and their daughters mysteriously get blocked each time they try to get intimate with their husbands.

The traditional court heard that the late Dakarai Mahoso’s avenging spirit is behind this. The late Mahoso’s avenging spirit is claiming that his wife, Gogo Nyeperai Mahlupeko (now 87), denied him his conjugal rights when he was still alive and that he died a bitter sex-starved man.

In narrating the ordeal, John Mahlupeko said his married daughters and granddaughters have for the past few years been struggling with the issue of intimacy as a result of the avenging spirit.

“All this while, we did not know that my sister’s late husband was behind this. While some family members thought that it was a medical condition, others knew that it was spiritual. The ones that are not married yet are struggling to find husband’s while the married ones are struggling with the issue of intimacy.

“As if that is not enough, the men in the family are struggling financially. We are failing to prosper.

“When we consulted prophets and traditional healers over the issue and heard that Mahoso’s spirit is haunting us, we thought that maybe my sister Tete Nyeperai killed her husband. We were then shocked to hear that he was haunting us because he was starved of sex while still alive,” said Mahlupeko’s family patriarch

In an interview, Gogo Nyeperai admitted that she starved her husband in the bedroom. However she said it was because they were both elderly, adding that she was no longer strong enough to take care of his sexual needs.

“I had twelve children with this man and l ended up failing to meet his sexual needs when we were in our old age. I was in My late 60s while he was in his 70s. I did not think it was still proper for us to engage in sexual intercourse.

“I was a loving wife and l am shocked that my late husband would torment my family this way. Infact. I believe this is all a lie. I think my family just wants to put the blame on me. When l consulted a traditional healer, it was said the spirit’s names are Bernard and Phineas, my husband’s name was Dakarai,” she said.

Gogo Nyeperai said while the spirit manifested on her niece, the spirit claimed to be her late husband, despite giving them the wrong name.

“The spirit said my husband was not resting peacefully due to his bitterness over the fact that l starved him sexually when he was still alive. It also revealed the reason being my nieces and grand nieces marital problems. The spirit demanded that that l should appease it by brewing traditional beer and washing myself with it,” she said.

As a result, her late husband’s family has sent Gogo Nyeperai packing.

They have ordered her to brew some traditional beer and cleanse herself as per the spirit’s demands.

Gogo Nyeperai is currently staying with Her brother, Mahlupeko, whose family is fuming at her for causing their marital mishaps.

” I want to go back to my home. My relatives are angry with with me because of this spirit and staying with them is not good for me. Meanwhile, the Mahoso family refuses to accept me aty home. They say l have to appease my late husband’s spirit first before going back. There is chaos everywhere,” said the elderly woman.

Chief Ndima ordered the Mahlupeko family to visit one more traditional healer to ascertain the real cause behind the family’s problems since gogo Nyeperai insists that her late husband is not the cause.

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