Mabelreign Man Rapes 18 Year Old Girlfriend

A Harare man from Malbelreign suburb is in hot soup as police are lookimg to arrest him over allegations that he  raped his 18 year old girlfriend.

Its alleged that on the day in question, the suspect was seated outside his house drinking beer when his girlfriend arrived.

The suspect is alleged to have immediately told the victim that he wanted to sleep with her, but she turned him down, reportedly telling him that she wasn’t ready to have sexual intercourse.

The suspect allegedly insisted on it before eventually inviting her into the house.

When inside the house, the suspect allegedly started caressing the victim but she continued to spurn his advances. The man, only identified as Matthew, then started to force himself on her, wrestling with her and eventually managing to remove her jeans and tearing her pants before allegedly forcing her to have unprotected secual intercourse with her once.

Its alleged that after the act, Matthew then dragged her into the bedroom, saying while threatening to kill her if she continued to refuse his sexual advances.

When inside the bedroom, Matthew is said to have forced himself on her again and had unprotected sex with her for the second time without her consent.

Zimbabwe Republic Police Provincial (ZRP) spokesperson for Harare, Luckmore Chakanza, confirmed the incident and said investigations are in progress.

“On 16  September 2023 around 1700 hours at number 15 Luchlane Road Mabelreign, the complainant approached her boyfriend who was drinking beer. Accused person then invited complainant to come inside his house. Accused immediately locked the door and told complainant that he was going to have sex with her without failure. Complainant told accused that she was in love with him but not ready to engage into sexual intercourse.

“The accused then told complainant to choose between having sex or death. Immediately the accused began to caress the complainant who retaliated by pushing him away and both fell on the ground. Accused began struggling with the complainant and managed to remove her blue jean trousers. During the process of struggle accused person tore the complainant’s pink pant.

“The accused person pushed the complainant on the couch and began choking her. Complainant managed to push him away and accused grabbed two empty beer bottles and threatened to hit her using the bottles. Complainant pleaded with the accused and accused threatened to kill her if she failed to comply.

“Accused person then pushed the complainant on the sofa again and holding an empty bottle and used the other hand to choke complainant to submission. This led to complainant to submit and accused inserted his erect penis into her vagina and raped her once. Complainant then pleaded with the accused to release her. Accused however took her to his bedroom saying “Izvi hazvisizvo zvandiri kuda”.

“Accused pushed complainant on the bed and had sex with the complainant without her consent for the second time. During the act complainant tried to cry loudly but accused closed her mouth. After raping the complainant, accused person detained her and only managed to escape when the friend of accused  visited.

“The complainant first advised her employer who told her to report the matter at the Police. Scene was attended by Sgt Meki and Cst Shadaya and no arrest was made. Complainant was referred to Parirenyatwa Hospital for medical examination,” reads the docket.

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