Harare CBD Deserted on first day of Curfew


The Harare CBD, which is usually a hive of activity at this hour 5PM, looks deserted as very few people and vehicles can be seen on the city’s streets.


The various pictures taken by this writer show an unusually desolate looking Harare City centre as the public seems to have heeded president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s re-introduction of strict lockdown regulations including a 6PM-6AM curfew.

The President yesterday re-introduced strict lockdown regulations which he said were a necessary measures to mitigate the sharp spike in Covid 19 cases that has seen several big corporates closing some or all of their branches as several of their staff members test positive to the dreaded virus.


Among companies that have closed branches after some members of their staff tested positive to the corona virus are Econet wireless, StarAfrica Corporation, Cimas, and PSMAS among others.

Most of the recently recorded infections are local and have resulted in authorities accusing members of the public of reneging on preventative measures such as social distancing, wearing of masks and sanitization of hands.

There are fears by health experts that the country might experience the most severe bout of infections yet, despite it being near end of the winter season.


Among the stricter lockdown measures enunciated by the president are 8AM-3PM business hours, strict adherence to wearing masks & social distancing, banning of non-essential travel and a total ban on intercity travel.

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