Churches Into Politics: We don’t oppose the ruling government

Zimbabwe Indigenous Interdenominational Council of Churches (ZIICC) says they don’t question the ruling government but abide to it’s commands since the government was appointed by God.

Addressing journalists in Harare today, ZIICC chairman Bishop Forbes Chikobvu said as churches, they should never question the government that was appointed by God and therefore rebuked the letter that was written by the Catholic Bishops to the government last week because “it lacked respect”

“The Catholic Bishop’s letter lacked respect. It was an attack on the country’s leadership because it exaggerated the country’s situation.” He said.

Bishop Chikobvu went on to show how unscrupulous the Catholic’s letter to the government was by quoting a bible verse that demands loyalty.
“Romans 13vs 2 to 5 compels everyone to submit to the ruling authority, but it seems the Bishops have forgotten this verse.” He said.
Bishop Mukobvu warned political parties that are “abusing the church” and calling upon the authorities to punish them.
“Political parties should stop abusing churches…
” We are appealing to the Authorities to make sure that these criminals are dealt with.” He said.

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