Teachers Say No To 40% Increase

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) says they do not accept the government’s 40% salary increase saying it “falls short to their expectations”.

Posting on their twitter handle, ARTUZ said teachers will remain incapacitated until the least paid teacher gets US$ 520.

“The 40% salary raise still falls short of our expectations. Teachers remain incapacitated. USD 520 for the least paid teacher. Join the campaign.” They said.

ARTUZ said teachers should not be threatened for failing to report for duty.

“We have received an audio attributed to President ED Mnangagwa in some speech in Buhera. The President was quoted threatening trs with unspecified action. Trs are failing to report for duty because of underpayment. Trs are incapacitated. Spare us the threats, pay us USD 520.” They tweeted.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana said nurses have welcomed the 40% salary increase and teachers will meet tomorrow to find a way forward.

“Nurses have welcomed the 40% salary rise announced by the Govt, while teachers’ unions meet tomorrow to re-examine their industrial action, although a growing number are already returning to their classrooms.” Nick Mangwana said on twitter.

Teachers have been on strike ever since schools opened on September 28 demanding a salary increase of USD520 or rtgs equivalent.

When schools opened for the third and final phase on Monday, pupils were sent back home because of lack of teachers in schools.


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