Mases Bash ZANU Pf Supporter On Social Media For Inflicting Violence

A certain Zanu PF youth whose video went viral on social media on Africa day has been critisiced by many for inflicting violence instead of peace on Africa day.

In the video, the Zanu PF youth is seen threatening non Zanu Pf supporters and using hate speech.

The youth even went on to insult the opposition MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa and the current American President, Joe Biden.

Zimbabweans were however hurt by the threats from the fella especially on Africa Day where it is expected to preach peace instead and they took to twitter.

Denver Kajokoto said, “Wouldn’t be surprised kunzwa zvichinzi i photoshop if you know the kind of people we are dealing with. Violence is a non starter why not preach peace and this was Africa day. instead of uniting we hear unwelcomed words in our society. Mbuya nehanda wouldn’t approve of this.” 

Victoria described the move by the youth as backward,

“This is very sad because I used to think that 99.5% of Zim are educated and we don’t want to be led by the cabal of illiterates. I am shocked to learn that such youngsters are still that backward. As for the violence, zanu has always been violent.”

In the video, this man who hasn’t been identified yet is seen with his other comrades marching in the City of Harare without proper wearing of face masks and not observing social distancing.

James Matema called upon the police to arrest the fella for violating the Covid -19 regulations just as they have arrested other political members in the past.

“Its really sad my brother to think about it, World is watching whilst Zanu PF doing what they want to citizens. Police Zimbabwe can you justify this aren’t you shame about such persecution to citizens?” He said.

Musafadze Mbedzi however said the ZRP is captured and therefore have no mind of their own.

“Get him Arrested? The regime cannot arrest itself. These guys are merely tools, to be used and discarded. They have no mind of their own & are merely their master’s voice & hand. Well, once in a while they do get arrested to present an image of rule of law #ZimbabweanLivesMatter.” He said.

Meanwhile, Tino Tags reiterated that the rules don’t apply to everyone in Zimbabwe.

“The truth is in Zimbabwe we are children without a father. Umwe neUmwe anoita mazvake, a country without control, a country whose rules are applied depending with where you come from and who you support!” They said.

“And Mbuya Nehanda was fighting for peace and you hear a senseless hoodlum shouting violence as if the erection of nehanda tombstone was meant to propagate these anti people message.” Wellington N said.

Zimbabweans are advocating for peace, not violence. They said those who fought for the Independence of this country were fighting for love, peace and tranquility not violence.



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