Flamboyant Madzibaba Shows Up For Masowe In Helicopter

Madzibaba Owen of the Johanne Masowe Echishanu Velvet Apostolic sect caused quite a stir after he arrived for a church service using a helicopter.

The flashy madzibaba used the helicopter to attend the Sunday Masowe church service in Chitungwiza.

Madzibaba Owen said that he is using the helicopter to attend church service to challenge the misconception that most members of the Johanne Masowe Apostolic sect are poor people who are struggling financially.

He insisted that he was using the helicopter to commute to church to prove detractors wrong and to show that he is very blessed.

Madzibaba Owen also added that the helicopter is just a means of transport, similar to people who use bicycles and cars to attend church services.

However, social media was mixed with reactions on Mazibaba Owen’s video in which he arrived for a church service in a helicopter.

Some applauded Madzibaba Owen for proving critics wrong whilst others were critical of his alleged flamboyant lifestyle and lack of modesty. They  argued that he was an outlier and that most apostolic sect members were not doing well financially.


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