Parents Of The Late Six Tynwald High School Students Unites In Tragedy

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The parents of six Tynwald High School students, who perished in a road accident along the Rusape-Nyanga Road, met on Saturday for a prayer against the spirit of road carnages.

A memorial service for one of the victims, Kimberly Mutusva, was followed by a cleansing service, led by various church leaders, at the accident scene last week.

Kimberly’s father, Munyaradzi Mutusva, said it will take a long time for him to heal from the accident, which claimed his only daughter.

“It is taking me time to heal considering the potential my daughter had in terms of knowledge,” he said.

“I lost a number of my loved ones in road accidents and my prayer is for all drivers to exercise extreme caution on the roads.

“I spent the whole month fasting against the spirit of accidents.

“This memorial service is part of our healing, considering that the death of our children has cemented our relationship with other affected parents.

“Accident pain is deeper and more than a double-edged sword,” he said.

The late Destiny Dziva’s father, Tynos Dziva, told H-Metro that he has been meeting one of the accident survivors for counselling since October.

He shared a dream he had a day before the tragedy with the guests.

“I had two children in the bus, and one of them escaped with minor injuries,” he said.

“God showed me what was going to happen in a dream, but I could not interpret it.

“It was too vivid and I was out of the country only to return and find my daughter in a coffin,” he said.

One of the guests, Mutsa Nyambodza, urged people to continue praying against accidents.

“For the past months, a number of people have perished in road accidents.

“Of concern is the number of people perishing.

“A number of road accidents reported two months ago claimed six lives each.

“That number six did not go well with me considering a Biblical number of the beast 666 in the book of Revelation.

“Prayer is powerful and can deal with such spirits of accidents which are robbing us of our young ones,” she said.

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