President Speaks On Covid -19 Vaccine

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says government will not allow any form of profiteering from the ongoing covid-19 vaccination program.

In his address to the nation on Monday on ZBC TV, where he was announcing the new lockdown measures, President Mnangagwa said the vaccination program should be free of charge.

Meanwhile,  Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Publicity, Mr Nick Mangwana said, “The government will not allow any form of profiteering from the ongoing  Covid 19 Vaccination program and any company or organisation that may procure the vaccines should be prepared  to dispense to workers free of charge, the president said,’’ He posted on his twitter handle.

The Vaccination program is voluntary as said by the President in his speech and people were urged to continue adhering to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines so as to curb the spread of the corona virus.

“While the vaccination program is voluntary, let us remain mindful of the need to protect ourselves, our beloved ones and the entire nation.’’ The President said.

The president has also highlighted that the Zimbabwean government is expecting more vaccines from India, Russia and the UK as they strive to attain  herd immunity.



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